Brooks Bradtke

Brooks Bradtke


Brooks is an experienced writer at, one of the most well-known mail order bride websites. He has been working here for about 5 years. As an exceptionally skilled professional, Brooks made sure to improve the flow of creating articles and guides to help people find true love. Interestingly, he started his career in the industry of mail order bride services as a user. After seeing that there was not enough information online about brides, he decided to research this issue and become a writer to help other people. After learning about the industry, Brooks obtained a few certificates and finished a couple of courses to have a deeper understanding of what people seek in online relationships. Among them, it is worth noting the following:
Happy Couples: Understanding your partner’s personality type (from Udemy)
School Of Online Dating Course By School of Attraction
Modern Dating: Five Steps to Success (by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby)
Many of our users love Brooks for his unique writing style and interesting facts that no one knows where he finds out about! After hundreds of successful articles, Brooks finds new information about interesting facts that fascinate the audience!

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